Create the spirit of craftsmanship and open the era of intelligent manufacturing

2021-09-10 09:49:14 浙江鑫可传动科技有限公司 Viewd 692

On September 9, 2021, Xinhuanet, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Zhejiang International Channel and Jiaxing, Tongxiang secondary media gathered a group to interview Zhejiang Siekon Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct an all-round on the achievements of Siekon Technology's digital intelligent production osmotic interviews.

Siekon Technology, which relocated from Taizhou to Tongxiang in June 2020, has built an industrial park with a high starting point, high standards and intelligence from the very beginning of the project, from intelligent manufacturing lines, product quality process control, terminal tracing, logistics management, finance Management, sales management and even life services are all-round and intelligent in the whole process.

The industrial park covers an area of 153 mu, involving a large-scale experimental center, die-casting workshop, machining workshop, assembly workshop and locomotive workshop covering an area of 6,300 square meters. .

Jin Jianhua, vice chairman of the company, and Mr. Jin Yafeng, general manager of the company, accompanied the whole process, and answered questions from media friends one by one. The participants agreed that: With the advent of the era of new energy vehicles, Siekon Technology has already opened the era of intelligent manufacturing in advance. Taking advantage of Tongxiang's unique geographical location and industrial preferential policies, which is close to Shanghai in the north and Hangzhou in the south, it strives to build an enterprise in a short period of time. Become a benchmarking and leading enterprise of China's new energy vehicle electric drive system.