Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Qi Li and his party came to the company for research and guidance

2021-08-14 08:20:26 浙江鑫可传动科技有限公司 Viewd 952

On August 12, the leaders of the research team, including Qi Li, Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, Tu Jianzhong, Secretary of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, and Professor Yu Jianxing, President of Zhejiang Gongshang University, made a special trip to Zhejiang Siekon Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. for research and guidance. Chairman Yu Wenyong, Executive Director of the company Jin Jianhua and others were accompanied.

Secretary Qi Li and the leaders of the research team visited the testing and testing center of the Research Institute of No. 1 Factory. Chairman Yu Wenyong focused on the "two-speed box" reducer and No. 5 reducer, which has been developed for four years and has entered the final stage of prototype testing. The factory is adding a new and renovated final assembly production line - a powertrain technical transformation project with an annual output of 180,000 sets of pure electric vehicles. The upcoming launch of the second gear box product will fill the gap in the domestic second gear reducer market; the powertrain technical transformation production line is planned to be completed next year. After the completion of the transformation, the line can simultaneously provide Geely, Renault, UMC, BAIC and other OEMs with a variety of different products. Model and specification of new products, and can form an annual increase in sales of 300 million yuan, tax 8 million yuan in economic benefits.

Today, Zhejiang Siekon Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is standing in the industry of key parts manufacturing of new energy electric vehicles in China with high technology, high starting point and high standard. Authorized invention patent technology, won the patronage and praise of domestic and foreign OEMs.