A small factory 18 years ago has become a new leader in transmissions

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---Siekon transmission overcomes neck-jamming technology through innovation and digitization

"Our products are in short supply now, and these transmissions that are still on the production line have all been reserved." Jin Jianhua, executive director of Siekon Transmission Company told reporters that thanks to the rapid development of domestic and international new energy vehicles, the project has not been put into production. One year, the product quickly became popular in the market, and now the company's production line is running at full capacity.

One new transmission rolls off the assembly line in one and a half minutes, just like dumplings

Last year, when a reporter from Qian Bao went to Siekon Transmission to interview, the company's "digital production line for new energy integrated electric drive assembly" had just been completed, the production line was still in the trial production stage, and there were not many workers on the company's production line. The transmission of this year's production line is the same as dumplings. Loading and unloading, machining, press-fitting, and running-in test... The electric drive intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicles is at full capacity, and dozens of links are automated. A transmission line is produced, and there are many fewer production workers in the workshop, which are supplied to automobile companies such as Geely, BAIC, and Renault.

Digital traction, high-precision projects accelerate. In Siekon Transmission, there are almost no workers in the huge production workshop, replaced by various intelligent robots, just like an "unmanned factory" for new energy vehicle transmissions. "The number of employees in the new factory is only one-fifth of the original, the production speed has not been reduced, and the consistency of product quality has been higher." The factory has an information management system, which realizes the coordination of logistics, control flow and information flow. The dimensions of each part will be automatically measured and input into the system, and product quality will be improved and guaranteed. With the help of digitalization, all products can be traced back to the source. Once there is a problem with the product, the root cause can be quickly found and a solution can be found.

The "unmanned factory" of Siekon Transmission was designed by Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd., using the verification line to carry out research and development, and mastered the digital design of high-end equipment and the key core technologies for the planning and construction of intelligent manufacturing production lines, digital workshops, and smart factories. Providing system solutions for manufacturing enterprises is completely autonomous and controllable, and is the best automated production control system in China. With the smooth commissioning of the project, it indicates that the bottleneck problem that has restricted the development of the industry for a long time has been solved.

On the right side of the transmission production line, there are two big guys, which look like a front-loading washing machine, but are more than five meters high. "This is the top digital machine tool in China. Each machine costs 8 million, and two machines are 16 million. There are not many in the country." Jin Jianhua told reporters that with the help of these big guys, the company's product development and quality will be higher.

Siekon Transmission has built 2 fully automatic casing processing lines and 4 automatic assembly lines. It is expected to achieve the annual target sales of 300,000 units (sets) of integrated electric drive systems and 200,000 units (sets) of unipolar transmissions by 2025. , The shell machining 400,000 units (sets), and the annual sales income is more than 2 billion yuan.

25% of the company is R&D personnel, not a follower but a leader

"We have always felt that we can never outrun others. Only innovation and research and development can lead to overtaking in corners and become a leader." Jin Jianhua, executive director of Siekon Transmission told reporters that when the company chose all in as a new energy gearbox in 2014, many manufacturers I also feel that new energy vehicles are not mainstream. They started 2 years earlier than others and seized the market.

 When the company first switched to new energy gearboxes, many customers did not approve it. In 2014, Jin Jianhua personally drove 5 prototypes to a customer in Shandong. "We went to assemble the car for our customers for free, and they started to ignore us, but after installing our gearbox, the car made little noise. Their manager immediately changed his attitude and said that we helped them solve a big problem. The company has made 70,000 gearboxes."

According to the company's plan, in 2022, the company's output value will increase by 3 to 4 times compared with this year. Such an explosion of performance is inseparable from the company's long-term R&D investment.

"Our company now has more than 50 technicians and a total of less than 200 employees. We have also introduced many experts from the United States and Japan, and the technical R&D team accounts for 25%. We are very willing to invest in R&D. This year's R&D investment exceeds 20 million yuan, and next year it will reach more than 50 million yuan. More than 10% of sales revenue is used for R&D. It has also applied for technical patents in China, the United States, Japan, and the European Union. Currently, there are more than 80 authorized patents at home and abroad. And more than 20 patents that have been accepted." Jin Jianhua told reporters that the company's gearbox oil seal can achieve 18,000 revolutions without oil leakage, and it is difficult for domestic and foreign manufacturers to achieve 14,000 revolutions without oil leakage. Gearbox oil seal, the company's technical data drawings are several high.

 In addition to the traditional first-speed gearbox, the new energy second-speed gearbox independently developed by Siekon Transmission with the most core technology will also be launched soon. Covering an area of 6300m2, the new energy transmission experimental center can independently complete 18 working conditions experiments such as fatigue, torque, temperature rise, and overspeed performance; the company has invested in products covering A00-level, A-level, B-level new energy series, its transmission and The torque of the integrated series is from 100N.m to 360N.m, and the maximum speed is increased from 6000 rpm to 16000 rpm.

The predecessor of Zhejiang Siekon Transmission is Taizhou Jiaojiang Siekon Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. which was established in 2003. From the earliest small workshop, it has become the current new leader in gearboxes, and its products have entered Geely Group, BAIC Group, FAW, Dongfeng, Changan , Renault and other core supplier systems at home and abroad are inseparable from the company's digitalization and technological innovation.