Transmission Technology Research Institute

R&D Expert Team

The company has 51 staff in R&D institutions (41 full-time staff and 10 part-time staff), including 1 doctor, 3 masters, 20 undergraduates, and 6 intermediate titles. Full-time staff account for 24.12% of the total number of employees.

Research Institute Dean: Jin Jianhua

Jin Jianhua, graduated from Zhejiang University in 1986, majoring in internal combustion power engineering, with a bachelor's degree and director of the R&D center. He is responsible for the formulation of technical R&D plans of the R&D department, the supervision of project development and implementation, and the resolution of difficult technical problems. He started working in 1986 and has been engaged in technology research and development. From 1986 to 1989, he served as a technician at Wenzhou Shipyard. From 1989 to 1992, he served as the technical director of Linhai Agricultural Factory. From 1992 to 1994, he served as the chief engineer of Linhai Lucheng Motorcycle Co., Ltd., from 1994 to 2003. From 2004 to 2009, he served as the general manager and R&D center director of Taizhou Xinke Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and from 2009 to now, he has served as Zhejiang Xinke Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. He is the general manager of the Machinery Co., Ltd. and the director of the general R&D center. He is the leader of the company's technology development and innovation, and is in charge of the company's technology research and development work. He has a strong market pioneering spirit and a sense of technological innovation. He has accumulated many years of management experience and participated in and trained a professional technical research and development team. He has personally obtained more than 30 global valid patents for the company and applied for more than 10 patents.

Institute direction leader: Shi Lanping

Shi Lanping, from 1977 to 2002, was a senior engineer at Tianjin Automobile Gear Co., Ltd. From 2002 to 2014, he served as a senior engineer of Geely Automobile Transmission Corporation. In 2015, he joined Xinke Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. as a senior technical engineer.

Electric drive expert: Wang Changjiang

National-level talent, doctoral tutor, part-time doctoral tutor of Tsinghua University, and former electric drive technology expert of Ford Motor Company.

Japanese expert: Akira Nakao

He has served as the head of the transmission development section of Daihatsu Japan and Toyota, and has been the leader of the design and development of two-speed transmission in our company since then, and has applied for 9 global patents for this project.

  • Laboratory hardware equipment
    Laboratory hardware equipment

    It has built a domestic first-class large-scale experimental testing center, which can independently complete the whole process of fatigue life, dynamic sealing, thermal balance, static torque strength, parking performance, half-axle dismantling force, efficiency, differential reliability, comprehensive performance testing and other items. Routine tests such as cleanliness, metallography, and three-coordinate precision measurement.

  • R & D capabilities
    R & D capabilities

    With strong technical research and development strength, it has mastered the R&D and production of three-in-one powertrain products of motor, electronic control and transmission, and has continuously developed a series of pure electric vehicle transmissions and three-in-one powertrain products suitable for market demand. It has carried out research and development of more than 30 scientific and technological projects. As of March 2021, it holds 74 globally valid authorized patents, and has reported 24 patents in China, Europe, the United States and Japan for acceptance.

  • R & D series product introduction
    R & D series product introduction

    T10, T12A, 2T18, T18, T20D, T25B, T30A, T30M, T30T, T30F, T30F3B, T30E, EDS-2 and other types of transmission assemblies have been developed and produced, which can meet the requirements of "BAIC Group", "Geely Group" ", "Honda IFC", "Chery", "Great Wall", "Changan", "Dongfeng Renault", "United Electronics, BMW Brilliance", "Shanghai Weirui", "Wolong Group", "Huichuan", " Product supporting requirements of new energy vehicle companies such as Shanghai Electric Drive and Zhuhai Inbor


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