Industry leaders teach the pulse and praise the legendary transformation of Siekon

2021-09-28 10:45:24 浙江鑫可传动科技有限公司 Viewd 796

On the morning of September 27, 2021, Wu Yingqiu, Chairman and CEO of Universal Motors Group, Zhou Weidong, Chairman of China International Trade Machinery Industry Association, Ding Lei, Chairman of Human Express Gaohe Automobile, Yu Jingmin, General Manager of SAIC Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd., and Yee, Executive Vice President of Changan Automobile. Pei, Global Auto chief editor Su Yunong and other industry leaders and local government leaders visited Zhejiang Siekon Tongxiang Manufacturing Base and were amazed at the legendary transformation and development of Zhejiang Siekon in just a few years, especially the digital production and digitalization of Zhejiang Siekon Tongxiang Base in recent years. Management is highly recognized and appreciated!

Six years ago, Zhejiang Siekon was still a traditional machining enterprise. Relying on the foundation and technical accumulation of machining for more than ten years, it has also gained a little reputation in the industry. The development was uneventful, smooth and orderly. Until the end of 2014, China's new energy vehicles were beginning to show their brilliance, and new energy vehicle companies represented by BYD, BAIC, and Zhidou began to lead the frontier of the Chinese market. It was also at this time that Zhejiang Siekon actively adjusted its industrial structure and successfully developed BAIC's national car "EC180" and ZHIDOU series products quickly entered the fast lane of development.

In March 2020, the completion and commissioning of the Tongxiang base marked a legendary transformation of Siekon: the total investment of 1.28 billion yuan, the intelligent digital production base covering an area of 153 acres was fully opened, and the first domestic new energy integration project in cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University The digital production line of chemical-electric drive assembly has won a major national science and technology project. Premier Li Keqiang spoke highly of the special production line and the corresponding T30F reducer during his inspection at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Through six years of technology and market accumulation, Zhejiang Siekon can make great progress. Until this year, it has developed dozens of single-pole reducers and 30KW, 60KW, 100KW, 150KW three-in-one and five-in-one integrated power, and has won 80 projects. The patents for invention, appearance and utility model authorized by the state, especially the second gear box product which has been developed for 5 years, are already in the stage of B prototype installation.

Today, the industry leaders who came to our company listened carefully to the company's introduction, examined the product functions and market layout in detail, and highly recognized the company's strategic positioning and industry status.

Jin Jianhua, vice chairman of the company, and Jin Yafeng, general manager of the company, accompanied the whole process, and answered various questions raised by the guests in detail.